We are a research studio for design and graphic communication focused on free/open source software, free culture and critical engagement with design tools. We experiment with the overlaps between the fields of design, free culture, media art, alternative type design workflows, playful data explorations, hardware archaeology, web development, print publishing, custom software and engagement with non-conventional tools.




  • Tilde.pt

    Portuguese instance of Tilde.club

  • Estrofador

    Literary bot

  • Vírgulas

    A study of commas

  • Blobservation booth

  • Don't kill lockdep

    Kernel poetry

  • Text frames

    Erasing letters

  • Super Text Adventure 3000

    A playful journey into predictive text logic

  • Walkie Textie

    Networked physical shoutbox


  • Kilovolt

    Future-proof type made out of straight lines and sharp angles

  • Radiophone

    A high-frequency angular display font

  • MFI Serrería Sobria

    A collaborative typeface drawn from letterforms on an ancient sawmill in Madrid

  • MFI Setperset

    A square pixel typeface for tiny uses

  • MFI Sisperdotze

    A 6x12 monospaced bitmap font with character

  • MFI Serrería Extravagante

    A collaborative typeface drawn from letterforms on an ancient sawmill in Madrid

  • Colorfonts

    Overlay font variants to use with Colorfont

  • Acidente

    A chunky font with extra-bold attitude

  • Fachada

    An elegant typeface inspired by mid-20th century Portugal

  • Douar Nouvelle

    Font redesign for 2 colours

  • Le Jerk

    Font design for pen plotters

  • PropCourier Sans

    The official typeface for Libre Graphics magazine


  • Type:Bits

    ASCII Art font design workshop at ESAPA, Avilés

  • fonts.txt

    ASCII Art font design workshop at FCForum, Barcelona

  • Blocktype

    Open web fonts & Minecraft at MozFest 2014

  • AgitProp

    Hacking monospaced fonts at ERG

  • Interactivos?13

    Tools for a Read-Write World

  • From Stone to Spaceship

    Collaborative typeface design at Medialab-Prado

  • Colorfont Workshop at LGM 2012

    Designing multi-coloured typefaces at LGM

  • Colorfonts

    Designing multicoloured typefaces at Constant Variable


  • Squarish

    A modular drawing canvas

  • booklet-scripts

    Small programs for producing print booklets

  • Dadaline

    Absurd headline generator

  • Badger

    Text to image renderer for ASCII art

  • Fib

    A swiss knife for handling font files

  • Zenlog

    Python logging for the lazy

  • Colorfont.js

    Multi-colored typography for the web