• Monsters of Law

    Identity for a showcase of commons-based views on law and copyright

  • Best Case Scenarios for Copyright

    European campaign for copyright reform

  • Libre Boston

    Identity for Boston's free software community

  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 exhibition

    Poster showcases of our recent work

  • Public Domain Day 2016

    Campaign advocating free and public cultural assets

  • Puré de Notícias

  • Totonome

    Web quiz about naming your child in Portugal

  • FuturePlaces

    Print and online identity design

  • 40 Years of Abstention

    Visualizing abstention in the Portuguese legislative elections

  • Super Text Adventure 3000

    A playful journey into predictive text logic

  • Foundry-in-a-box

    A proposal for sane font publishing

  • Central de Dados

    A portal for public datasets

  • GNU badges

    Online stickers for free software pride

  • Neural Archive

    Online media archive


    A new face for Neural magazine’s website

  • Kit Gráfica Livre

    Hotspot with free tools for designers

  • Books With An Attitude

    An exhibition of libre books

  • Interactivos?13 Catalogue

    Printed publication design

  • La Fabrique de la Loi

    Legislative portal design proposal

  • Libre Graphics Research Unit

    Graphic tools exploration task force

  • Douar Nouvelle

    Font redesign for 2 colours

  • Serrería

    Collaborative font revival

  • Nióbio

    Theatre poster design

  • Le Jerk

    Font design for pen plotters

  • Open Font Library

    Redesigning and documenting

  • Demo.cratica

    Parliamentary open data portal

  • Colorfont.js

    Multi-colored typography for the web

  • O Vento

    Theatre poster design

  • Libre Graphics magazine

    Free culture & design publication

  • Viagens com Alma

    Theatre poster design

  • Boom & Bang

    Theatre poster design

  • Os ossos de que é feita a pedra

    Theatre poster design

  • Batch Commander

    Custom interface for TeX styling

  • Eggs and Ham in Rotterdam

    A collection of illustrated stories

  • Walkie Textie

    Networked physical shoutbox