• Totonome
  • Web quiz
  • —Self comissioned, in collaboration with Tiago Vieira
  • Porto, Portugal

Totonome is a web game which exposes the intricacies of the Portuguese naming process.

It draws on the official database of accepted and rejected baby names to put forward a quiz which tries to shed light and make sense of the bureaucratic decisions behind Portugal's name policies.


Portugal has a child naming policy based on a fixed list of accepted names. There are procedures for parents who want to pick a name outside the list; it is up to officers at IRN to determine whether the proposed name is acceptable or not.

During one Date With Data event, we stumbled into the list of accepted and rejected names and decided to do something with them. Along with Tiago Vieira and Chiara Carrozza, we processed the PDF into a proper dataset that we published in open formats. From there, we went on to