Tools for a Read-Write World

We have been busy at Medialab Prado in Madrid for the last couple of weeks, first participating in Libre Graphics Meeting (with two talks and a workshop), and now we're integrating the Interactivos?'13 advisors team, along with ginger coons, Jennifer Dopazo, Samer Hassan and Vicente Ruiz Jurado.

This edition of Interactivos? is dedicated to the theme of Tools for a Read-Write World, and 9 projects have been selected for an intensive development sprint at the beautiful new Medialab Prado HQ.

For the first time in Interactivos?, there is going to be a printed collection of the projects' diverse outcomes. We took the task of laying out and designing the cover of this publication, while ginger coons, Femke Snelting and Jennifer Dopazo take care of gathering material and editing it.

Following the sprinting methodology of the workshop, we have spent a full day brainstorming, looking for possible design cues and defining a visual language for this publication, given the extremely tight timeframe (3 and a half days from beginning until it's all printed!)

Interactivos13 fanzine

Working with plotters has given us new cues about how to use bézier strokes as expressive design elements; drawing from technical diagrams and axonometric projections, we've been going through a hectic iterative process, trying out different layouts and positionings around the I-beam character.