OFLB: Putting it all together

In July, we started a three month collaboration with Dave Crossland working on the Open Font Library website. The main goals were the website redesign and information re-structuring for version 0.4 of OFLB.
From the start we’ve been documenting the process on our blog, sharing our daily doubts and achievements.

We started with sketches and mockups for some of the ideias we wanted to develop. The CSS styled font specimen, our very first post, is an example of one of these ideas. As we tested some approaches and received feedback, we settled on the visual direction for the project. Dave made the suggestion to log our progress in our blog, and so we did — here's the full list of posts:

  1. Showing the fonts in action
  2. Sketches and blueprints
  3. Clearing up the main menu
  4. First layouts
  5. Bringing the layout to life
  6. Finding colour
  7. Logo issues
  8. The homepage
  9. Iterating and re-iterating
  10. Catalogue views
  11. Fleshing out the homepage
  12. Installing your local version of Open Font Library on Fedora 15
  13. Translation
  14. Identity guidelines
  15. Catalogue views II
  16. The font page
  17. Media Wiki and version control
  18. The footer
  19. Icon fitting
  20. Refining the homepage
  21. Interface widgets
  22. Media Queries
  23. Rethinking the guidebook
  24. A filter bar for the catalogue
  25. Sitting down to type
  26. The font page II
  27. Moving up
  28. Writing and frameworking

Looking back to all of these, we can see the progression from early experiments towards more solid and final ones.

Besides the redesign, we worked on the interfaces for font browsing and previewing, as well as the font family page. These went through a lot of rethinking and refining in the mockups. Once we moved to the Aiki implementation, we had to adapt our structure to the existing framework, along with many tweaks to our original plans, in order to end up with a good version of our design idea thanks to the help and support of Fabricatorz, who added a group of new features to the existing OFLB framework.

We're close to the website launch, and we have to thank Dave Crossland, Robert Martinez, the Fabricatorz and all others who provided valuable insights, suggestions and corrections regarding our designs along the way.