Looking at the last months

While we're figuring out our routines to come back to writing after an August of holidays, here's a quick write up our ventures since February this year.

MiniDebConf Barcelona

In March, Ana participated in the MiniDeb Conf Barcelona. She presented the Libre Graphics magazine in a talk about libre methodologies in design and in the production of physical objects. The slides of the presentation are here and there is also a video of the full presentation.

Kit Gráfica Livre

In April, we assembled and made public the first instance of the Kit Gráfica Livre (Libre Graphics Kit). It is a portable safebox with a USB cable, containing a read-only SD card reader.
Placed in the bar of the Porto Fine Arts Faculty, it makes available a set of libre software for graphics and audio production. Besides software, people can find a collection of libre assets, such as typefaces, publications, typography books and a selection of F/LOSS manuals. All for free copying — while at the bar, anyone can pick up the box and use the USB cable to copy everything to their computer.

Kit Gráfica Livre

Our plan is to bring free culture and free software closer to students with this kit. There is an ample amount of open and free materials, tools and assets, but they are very often disregarded in the teaching of arts and design. We would like to see more kits in other arts&design schools, so get in touch if you would like to run one in your school. There's also a plan for regular updates with new assets and tools.

We'll keep posting about this mutating kit. In the meantime, there is a mini site for this project here.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

LGM 2014: Creative

In May we were at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig. Our talk, titled "Dear designer, have these cool tools", was a about our desire to make distro that could introduce designers to libre tools and mindset. And help designers already using libre tools to persevere in this still arid land. We showed the Kit Gráfica Livre as one of the steps building up to this ambitious plan.

The slides were done using http://scri.ch, a simple (and imensly fun) collaborative sketch tool that Raphäel Bastide announced at this LGM. You can find the set here, and watch the video courtesy of the Gimp team.

Open Legislative Data Conference II

The Open Legislative Data Conference in Paris II took place in the end of May. Having been involved in the early stages of the Fabrique de la Loi, a visualization tool for the French law, we attend to present our latest open data project, Data Central. You can read more about in this OKFN Labs post. Videos and slides from the presentations are available here.

Interview on the practice of "open design"

In June, we gave an interview in the portuguese podcast DAR em Conversa Aberta.
Design Advanced Resources (DAR) is an association that is dedicated to the promotion of Open Design, based in Caldas da Rainha. From what we got it was the first time they talked to practioners about the field of graphic design. We talked about our work with the Libre Graphics magazine, the Kit Gráfica Livre, the From Stone to Spaceship workshop and why free software is about much more than saving money.